Experience AI powered self serve analytics

End-to-end automation of raw data to insights analytics value chain

INSIA, a truly self service ZERO code business analytics platform that enables you to slice, dice and view data the way you want without any technical know-how

INSIA in Action

Assisted Search

Increased productivity as the user gets guidance on what to search and is not left thinking about it

Data Stories

Reduced reporting turnaround time through easy to build dashboards within 5 minutes

Personalized Visualization

View data the way you want through over 35 different chart types that you can change on-the-go

Smart Drilldown

Analyze any element down to the lowest data grain through multiple drill paths

Experience Push Analytics

Push analytics of INSIA, automatically and proactively sends contextual, clear, transparent and personalized insights directly to business users

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards with INSIA

Be a part of the Revolution in Data Analysis

Improve time-to-market goals with auto analysis of data. Take those critical decisions as INSIA analyzes the data for you.

Data Forecasting

Be aware of future outcomes and identify the weak spots before you lose control.

Predict the future with INSIA smart PUSH AI forecasting engine
Software analytics tools for insight hungry business users

Get moving with AI

Get quick valuable data insights in a coherent manner and uncover the anomalies to make your next move.

Couldn't get Simpler

INSIA sends AI-curated tailored insights on business performance deviations in natural language directly to your inbox.

INSIA offers business insights in natural English language


Accurate data analysis - anytime, anywhere

Insights on your Palm

Industry 4.0 requires decision making on the go. INSIA mobile ensures that all the right insights reach you at the right time.

AI driven analytics on mobile and tab

Agile Analysis with INSIA

Business user requires a new cut of city & sku name on sales and also wants to do a trailing twelve month analysis

Traditional Methods

disrupting the traditional methods, INSIA quickly creates insights from raw data

INSIA Experience

Experience INSIA by getting a free trial

Connect and Deploy to Scale

Connects with varied datasets from multiple data sources and provides a single window of insights.


Connect with multiple data sources like ERPs, Third-Party applications, Social Media, Excel, CSV to flat files.


Customize table names, column names & define organization wide consistent metrics. Define Roles and Access Control for users.


Start explore Next-Gen actionable Insights in no time from anywhere.

Flexible deployment as per infrastructure needs. Different hosting options for customized deployment.

Fully managed SAAS offering with lowest Total cost of ownership
Leverage your infrastructure to get best in class data analysis platform