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44Hz is the gamma wave frequency at which brain generates maximum insights

Why the name INSIA

INSIA was founded to solve the widespread problem of access to business insights without the need of an army of Data analysts, and thus got its name from its sole mission of "Insights for All" We believe in empowering organizations across the hierarchy, by providing them easy to understand data insights on the go.

We know the importance of in-depth insights at the right time, that help businesses gain a better understanding of the cause and effect relationship behind the strategies. Insights that connect logical and emotional aspects of decision-making that inform and inspire at the same time.

With INSIA, we are bringing business insights from 360° that eliminate the difficult, time-consuming, repetitive, manual, cumbersome, and dependent procedure of processing Data. We aim at bringing meaningful insights in seconds to your fingertips!

Our Story

Leveraging AI to make business analytics simple

We are a group of data scientists and engineers who plan to bring transformational changes in the way businesses consume and interact with data. We design and build AI powered analytics products that augment human capabilities by bringing business domain, technology and analytics together. Our mission is to enable organizations leverage their data effectively to become the best in what they do.

Our flagship product, INSIA was born with utmost focus on simplicity, scale and speed. It simplifies access to business insights through guided search and AI-curated automated insights.

Our Offices

Insia has World wide presence with locations in USA, Australia and India

Delaware, USA

Bengaluru, India

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