INSIA Security

Insights Delivered Safe & Secure.

INSIA provides highest level of encryption so that your data remains in your control.

We help businesses make sense of their data in the most simplified way. It is paramount for us that businesses trust how their data is governed, managed and provisioned to them.

We strive to provide a secure end-to-end encrypted insight pipeline from data ingestion to delivery for every business user


Network & Data

100% HTTPS connections

Firewall protection at every step

Role based data access control on table, entity and column level

Fully secure, virtually air-gapped databases for maximum security

Automated and frequent distributed data backups


Multi factor authentication

256-bit elliptical curve encryption

Zero tolerance with suspicious activity

Instant admin controlled user account management


Role based feature access control

Verbose logging of user activity for accountability

Geography and IP level platform wide access control


  • How do I ensure my data is viewed securely on INSIA?

    • All interactions with INSIA take place only over secure TLS connections on the latest recommended secure cipher suites. We use industry standard P-256 ECC digital signatures or an optional P-386 all the way up to RSA 2018 bit.

  • What changes does team INSIA do to esure no security breaches exist?

    • The application modules are regularly audited by the team and patched regularly. We also get third party security audits done with every new major release.

  • How can I make sure that INSIA can be accessed only from my office?

    • Access to the platform can be isolated to whitelisted IPs or even at a geography level if needed.

  • Where is my data stored?

    • Your data is stored on cloud servers provided by AWS, either in "Mumbai" or "Ohio". You can choose the location during the registration process, Click Here to Book Demo.

  • Who all can view my data on INSIA?

    • Once your data is setup, your data access is available to only you and all the users you explicitly give access to. For any change request or issue resolution, our engineer could request you to grant access temporarily.

  • What is the privacy policy of INSIA?

  • What is the access control options available in INSIA?

    • There is granular access control options available


INSIA maintains a comprehensive set of IT controls which are regularly audited by independent firms to ensure that the company is meeting its compliance obligations.

INSIA has worked with a certified public accounting firm to perform an in-depth audit of the control objectives and activitifes for INSIA Online.

Insia is audited with CERT-In and provisions best in class application security

Computer emergency response team is the nodal agency for major computer security incident.

Insia deploys best practices in administrative, technical and physcial security for personally identifiable information data in healthcare

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection.

In Progress

Insia meets international standards for information security management as per ISO27001

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard that sets out the specification on how to manage information security.

In Progress

INSIA comes with Data protection, privacy and governance as per EU regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area.

In Progress