Make your daily sales reporting and analysis a breeze

Sales Analytics with INSIA

Integrate sales data from multiple applications such as CRM, ERP, financial applications and flatfiles to get a holistic view of your business

Analyze incremental sales data across multiple driving factors to understand whats working and whats not

Analyze any sales devaition in 1 click using AI

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Example #3

Example #4


From data to actionable insights with INSIA

Valuable insights on multiple datasets by Sales Analytics Tool

INSIA for all

Sales Heads

Track process metrics such as Lead conversion, quote to order conversion %, cycle time for order creation and more to be on top your Sales game


Get an overall view of your sales organization performance across regions, products, services, sales leads and categories

Store Manager

Track POS sales, returns across SKUs, product categories, product brands and more to ensure your Store is always data-driven and top performing