Reactive to Proactive Analysis

Reactive to Proactive Analysis via INSIA's Push-AI feature

Movement from Pull to Push analytics brings a paradigm shift in the way insights are consumed across the organizations globally

Generate Auto Insights in natural language and get notifications & alerts on deviations

AutoInsights - Pushed proactively to your inbox


Manufacturing analytics insights pushed automatically to your inbox


Procurement analytics insights pushed automatically to your inbox


Retail analytics insights pushed automatically to your inbox

Get business performance deviation in natural language directly to your inbox

Feedback loop to ensure continuous learning, leading to better insights

Intelligent filtering engine for pushing relevant insights only

Insight auto scheduler for the right insight at the right time

i-360* - One click analysis of any anomaly

Getting into the WHY of things by autogenerated detailed adhoc report

Auto identification of outliers and the mean

Feedback loop, to ensure continuous learning leading to better insights

Insights not only in charts but also in natural language

Automatic AI-curated ad-hoc report on click of any anomaly on the chart

Varied Analysis for Varied Needs

Time comparison

Time series analysis of data to uncover seasonalities and growth


Forecasting to prepare you for future business challenges

Which Where

Identify elements which are winners or losers


Identify biggest contributors to a particular scenario


Uncover patterns between multiple variables

Right insights at the right time to the right person through proprietary filtering and threshold engine with dynamic control limits

Beyond Visualisation

Not only What, but also Why!

PUSH Analytics, from data to decision

How Push AI works

Intelligent data element associations built basis histroical data analysis, augmented with user feedback