Accessing & Analyzing data has never been easier

End-to-end automation from data to insights

Instantly deliver personalized actionable insights

INSIA is a self-serve business intelligence and analytics platform that enables users to make fast and smart data driven decisions through guided search and automated AI curated insights

The Power of Search

The INSIA Advantage


Easy access to tailored insights through guided search requiring 0 training


Faster raw-data-to-insights lead time through scalable open source tech stack


Get tailored insights in natural language through auto-learn algorithm


Slice, dice & analyze data adhoc through automated query engine


Harnessing AI

Assisted Search

Real time recommendations on Google-like search bar based on user's role and data access

Insights in Natural Language

Automated tailored insights pushed in natural language to the right user at the right time

Personalized Dashboards

Personalization on the basis of feedback loop & historical user interaction

Intelligent Insights

Next question suggestions and relevant recommendations on the go

Smart Drilldown

Simple interface with fluid & smart drill-down to the lowest grain through any drill path

Auto-learn Algorithms

Orchestration of auto-learn algorithms and models to provide relevant suggestions on-the-go


Insights for all

Business Users

Zero Code platform designed for non technical users

Get all your questions answered instantly through the power of search

Always be future ready with automated alerts on performance deviations

Simplified access to business insights for non technical users

Fast detailed analysis through AI generated automated reports & root cause analysis

Data Analysts

Lucid interface designed for faster & deeper analysis & presentation

No more limited to "What", get to the "Why" in one click with autogenerated AI-Curated root cause reports

Create custom reports in less than 5 minutes for insight starved business users


Beyond Visualization

Not only What, but also Why!

PUSH Analytics, from data to decision


For your Business

Consumer Packaging Goods
Shipping and Logistics
Media and Entertainment
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If your business users are more focused on finding, massaging and integrating data than using insights to drive business goals, then we should talk!

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